Black Friday at Amazon: super discount on Yeedi robot vacuum cleaners

This Black Friday 2021 Yeedi is also offering irresistible deals on Amazon . This company has several of the best-selling robot vacuum models throughout the European Union through Amazon . They all have very positive reviews, they are quality products and their prices are very very good. Now, with the Black Friday deals, the prices that Yeedi is offering on Amazon are outrageous. If you are looking for a smart robot vacuum cleaner this is a very good opportunity. All these Yeedi offers are available until November 29.

Yeedi Vac Station, Yeedi 2 Hybrid, Yeedi K650: all on offer

Yeedi has thrown the house out of the window and at its already attractive prices has included an extra discount. Thanks to these discounts, your robots become the best value for money on the market. In addition, you can buy them on Amazon with all the guarantees and next day shipping. Some robots have more than 100 euros of direct discount!

Yeedi 2 Hybrid, the best-selling smart vacuum cleaner

Yeedi’s most attractive model is the 2 Hybrid , the best-selling robot vacuum cleaner on Amazon Europe. Its vacuuming power, the ability to mop and its chamber make it a perfect option for almost every home. A few months ago it passed through our hands and we will tell you what we found in an exhaustive analysis.

€ 299 € 188.99 | Yeedi 2 Hybrid | Amazon

Yeedi Vac Station, automated cleaning to another level

This vacuum base vacuum cleaner is Yeedi’s latest invention and takes the automatic cleaning experience to another level. It is a robot vacuum cleaner similar to the 2 Hybrid, but with a station that automatically cleans it every time you vacuum the house. You only have to worry about cleaning it once a month!

€ 499.99 € 349.99 | Yeedi Vac station | Amazon

Yeedi K650, the cheapest robot vacuum cleaner for basic cleaning

This model is the cheapest from Yeedi and also one of the cheapest in the entire market. It has an incredible value for money and enough power to clean any house. If you only need the basics for pet hair or cleaning a small house, this is your best option.

€ 199.99 € 129.99 | Yeedi K650 | Amazon

The company also has other products recently launched on the market on offer until November 29. They are the Yeedi Vac Hybrid, a mid-range robot vacuum cleaner with a sale price of € 209 and the Yeedi Mop Station, an automatic mop robot for € 549 on sale.

It is one of the best manufacturers of robot vacuum cleaners that you can find on Amazon , they offer a full guarantee and you can receive all their products the next day.