Become someone more productive with the help of these 6 apps

Las unicas 6 apps que necesitas en tu movil para ser productivo

Today it is very easy to put productivity aside, as we live surrounded by junk content and distracting methods, most of which are supplied by our mobiles. But this time we bring you 6 applications that will allow you to become a productive person.

Each of the applications that we bring to you are just suggestions that you can replace with another that performs the same task if you wish. However, the 6 applications to increase your productivity that we put together for you, were selected for their efficiency, and for the fact that they are free , so without further ado, here we go.

The first thing you need is a to-do list.


A big problem for many people in the world is keeping a successful record of all the things that have been done during the day and those that need to be done . It is normal to always forget a couple of items on our task list and sometimes the price to pay for that mistake can be very high. Fortunately, we have a very effective organizer.

We are talking about your mobile, of course, and how it can give more order to your days with the help of an app that allows you to create a list of things you have to do. The application that we bring for you, in this case, is called Todoist , a free app with many functions that you can find in the Play Store.

Todoist is a task organizer that allows you to gather all your goals for the day, the week, or even the year in one place. For example, if you need to start a big project at work, you can create a new section specifically for that , where you list all the small goals and tasks you plan to accomplish with that project.

todoist screnshots

In addition to that, you can add other users to that section to delegate tasks and allow them to add, remove, or mark items . Use this option for household issues, too, for example, you can create a shopping list and add your partner or roommate to it, to make living together more dynamic and effective.

Of course, work is not everything in life, so to remind yourself to rest, spend time with family, take care of your pets, recreate yourself and more, you can create items for this purpose in another list. Also add notes, links, images, audios and everything you need to keep up with your goals within your reminders.

Todoist: Lista de tareas

Price: Free

It is always good to have a notepad on your mobile


Our brain is wonderful at associating ideas and creating new things. And knowing that we do not control the moments in which inspiration comes to us, it is a good idea to always have a tool at hand that allows us to save those ideas for later . For that we do not need pencil and paper, since our mobiles do a better job.

Now, the vast majority of mobiles have a note application, for example , the Xiaomi note app, allows you to save text, images and audio without problems . It also allows you to modify the text format, color, allows you to generate lists, and set hidden and favorite notes.

Personally, that seems enough to us to be able to fulfill the objective of a notebook, however, if you would like to have something a little more stylish and with options to share your notes and have them on multiple platforms, we recommend Evernote . This notes application fulfills the work that we have already explained in a more professional way.

evernote Screenshots

With Evernote you can save text, images, audio, files, web pages, tables, to-do lists, and even your own hand-drawn sketches , all with different templates that you can download or create for your convenience. By installing this app on several of your devices you can still stay up to date with your notes, no matter where you are.

Evernote also allows you to set labels and generate notebooks to divide your notes into categories within the app , so everything stays even more organized. If there’s something you saw online, was shared with you, or something like that, you can capture it with Evernote and share it with others via Email or through the app itself.

Organize your time with the right tools


Very well, you already have a task list and a tool to not miss an interesting idea that you had, now let’s go with something that helps you while you are working. For example, a tool to not get distracted and divide your work into periods of time that are productive and easy to do .

Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’ve already searched for information on how to be more productive before, and you may have read something about the Pomodoro technique somewhere. If not, let us tell you more about it, this technique divides your time into periods of work and rest to make your work days productive and easy to carry out.

engross screenshots

Engross is the best app we have for you in this aspect, not only because it has a timer programmed with the Pomodoro technique for you, but also because it includes options such as blocking the Internet or notifications while you work, for example. In addition to this, it has a to-do list and reminders section.

If you weren’t convinced by the above apps, you can always try an app like Engross, which has everything in one place . The person who determines which tools to use is you, and since all applications have their pros and cons, it is up to the user to determine which one best suits their tastes and preferences.

Create, modify, and share documents online more easily

Google docs

A fairly effective way to streamline online work is with the help of platforms like Google Docs. This not only allows you to create documents and projects of all kinds and upload them to the cloud, but also allows you to interact with them in many ways, at the same time as your co-workers.

This saves us multiple problems such as having to send and receive the same document hundreds of times after a couple of corrections . It allows us to give our supervisors and colleagues the option to review the work we have done in real time and even add comments to improve the quality of your work.

Apart from this, the creator of the documents and the people authorized to interact with it will always be aware of all the changes made to it. Don’t miss a thing and always stay on top of your work with the help of Google Docs .

Documentos de Google

Price: Free

Get your own virtual secretary


Now that you’ve organized your schedule, you have your notes on hand for inspiration, and you also have your Pomodoro clock to be as productive as possible, it’s time to organize your business interactions. If you have your own online business, or you have people who come to you for a service or advice, there is an app to organize all your meetings .

In this case, we didn’t find many apps that would do the job of organizing your meetings, but it wasn’t necessary, as Calendly exceeded our expectations . The work of this application is very simple, you create the events that you carry out as 30-minute calls or 15-minute informative forums and then you establish your parameters.

calendly screenshots

That is, you establish the duration of these events, the dates on which you are available, relevant information about the event, and questions for those who want to request your services . Finally, you add the contact method of your choice, such as phone call, face-to-face meeting, Zoom call or Google Meet and voila, the page will give you your own Calendly link.

The people who receive your link will be able to see a calendar with your free days and times to carry out the events that you have available and they will be able to save their appointment on their own . Much of the creation of these events can only be done through the Calendly website and the mobile version allows you to keep track of all the meetings that have been requested.

Calendly Mobile

Price: Free

Automate your repetitive tasks


You probably have a task that needs to be done daily or several times a week and doing the same job over and over again is known to be mentally taxing, so a way to automate these tasks can come in handy . This is work for another exceptional app that stands out in its field and has little competition.

The app we have for you this time is called If This Then That or IFTTT, which in Spanish means something like “if this happens, do this”. Very similar to a programming script, but applied to the functions of your mobile in comfortable commands called Applets.

In terms of productivity, we can use this application to automate actions such as, for example, that every time you upload a new file to your work’s Google Docs page, the link address of the document is sent to your supervisor’s Telegram . This way you’ll never turn in a job late again because you forgot to tell your workgroup.

IFTTT screenshots

The limits are in your imagination, create all kinds of Applets to increase your daily productivity and speed up all your work . The application has compatibility with apps like Trello, WordPress, Telegram, Google Docs, Android Photos, Gmail, Facebook, etc.


Price: Free

This has been it. The truth is that there are still many other options, tools and applications that work to increase your productivity . But it is not good that you take this to the extreme either, follow your own rhythm, try the 6 applications that we have shared here or with the one that you liked the most, and once you find your rhythm, dare to go further.