Be careful with Google Photos and your data rate, you could run out of data after the new change

If you use Google Photos the company has made a change that you are not liking too much. A backup option that many users used on a day-to-day basis has been removed. If you have activated the backup with mobile data, there is bad news for you: now Google Photos does not differentiate between videos and photos. What’s more, it does not offer the possibility of choosing just one. It is important that you know about this change to know if you are still interested in making the copy with mobile data .

Mobile data copy of Google Photos has changed

Until now, Google Photos offered the ability to make an always-on backup with mobile data. The good news is that this copy gave the possibility to upload only photos, only videos, or both. Now this has disappeared.

If you choose to make the backup with mobile data, you will have to do it of all the content: photos and videos. You cannot leave out videos or photos. This is a problem for users with a limited data rate.

There is an advantage to doing the copy with mobile data: it is done right after taking the video or photo and not when you get home and connect to Wi-Fi. Most users who activated this option did so only with photos , since uploading videos with mobile data can leave your rate shivering.

Now Google Photos lets you limit spending

In pursuit of not leaving your rate without data, Google now has another option: the limit of data that can be spent . Now, if you configure the copy with mobile data, you can choose a maximum data cost. You must bear in mind that, whether you like it or not, the videos are included.

It is possible to select the option “No limit”. The most important question is that you know that this “no limit” now includes uploading videos and not just photos . Uploading all the photos you are taking should not hurt your data rate too much, but if you include the videos, things change.

In summary, it is important that you take a look at this new feature and know that Google Photos no longer allows you to select the upload of “photos only” when you backup with mobile data.