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We are pleased to announce the release of CuteRank 2.2.0. Installer for Windows is now ready for download.

Standard and Professional users can directly update to the latest version with the auto updater; the Fee edition user still needs to download the new intaller and reinstall. But from version 2.2.0, both commercial users and free users can use the auto updater to update to the latest version without downloading new installer again.

We’ve made a lot of improvements in CuteRank 2.2.0. You may notice the whole updating process is more smooth; The change you will directly notice is that now you can view all search engines trend lines in one graph (hope you select not too many cause you don’t want to see too many different colored lines mixed together). More improvements are left for you to discover or you can view the full release note of CuteRank 2.2.0.

To preview the difference right now you can check out our latestly updated Screenshot Page. Leave your comments and suggestions under, thanks!

CuteRank Team

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