Amazon Appstore Now Running Smoothly on Android 12 – Bug Fixes

Amazon Appstore ya funciona en Android 12

Did you have problems using the Amazon app store on a mobile with the latest version of Android? If so, we have great news for you today. You will now be able to install applications with this alternative to Google Play without getting involved.

And why do we say it? Well, because it has just been confirmed that the Amazon Appstore already works perfectly on Android 12 . The bugs that were not letting you squeeze this app store have been fixed! Stay on the web and discover all the details of the news.

Installing applications with the Amazon Appstore without failures on a mobile or tablet with Android 12 is now possible

Instalar aplicaciones Amazon Appstore móvil tablet Android 12 es posible

In case you didn’t know, almost a month ago it was reported that the Amazon Appstore was not working on Android 12. Apparently, there was a problem between the store’s DRM and the latest version of Google’s OS . Although this is a rumor and there is no official information about it.

And what was causing the error? Well, you couldn’t enter the apps that you downloaded from the Amazon Appstore.

The error was not limited to Amazon tablets (such as the Fire 10 HD, which has Fire OS based on Android), since it also affected all Samsung, Xiaomi or Google phones with Android 12.

The good news is that a company spokesperson confirmed on Engadget that support has already fixed all of the Amazon Appstore issues .

But don’t start downloading apps instantly ! For the process to go smoothly, you must have the latest version of this application store on your smartphone . If you don’t know how to do this, go to this article and learn how to install Amazon Appstore on Android.

Now, why do you have to do all this? Well, keep in mind that this version of the Amazon Appstore is the only one that is 100% compatible with Android 12 . That is why yes or yes you must install the latest version if you want to use the app store of the American company again.

This is not a “conventional” solution to bugs. The most common would have been that the support released a patch that would fix all the bugs automatically .

In any case, do you like the Amazon Appstore working again? Tell us in the comments.