Agile TV adds the channels BOM Cine, Escapa TV and Cosmo

The Agile TV television service is preparing for the arrival of new channels starting in January, so any client that has this platform will be able to start enjoying them at the beginning of 2022 completely free of charge, without having to do anything.

Agile TV can be hired, for example, if you are a client of Yoigo or MásMóvil, among other operators, since these companies do not have a television service as could be the case of Movistar, Vodafone or Orange, so they resort to this type of platforms.

There is a good channel catalog on Agile TV, but it will be expanded in a few weeks with new channels, specifically 3 are arriving and they are BOM Cine, Escapa TV and Cosmo , 3 new broadcasts with really interesting content that will be available soon.

BOM Cine can be a channel known to many citizens of some Spanish autonomous communities since it is available free on DTT, and it is also available within the list of Tivify channels.

If you like cinema, BOM Cine may be the channel you are looking for since through this broadcast you will be able to enjoy a multitude of movies totally free. Apart from BOM Cine, now comes Cosmo , a kind of channel similar to Nova or Divinity where you can watch series, reality shows, etc.

Now, if you are passionate about travel, Escapa TV will be your favorite channel or at least one of the ones that you will see the most because precisely its content revolves around that theme, it is an ideal channel for the most travelers since it is dedicated to travel and tourism.

It so happens that the last two channels come to replace the output of others from the platform , in order to try to compensate for those channels that are lost, for example, Escapa TV comes to replace Viajar and Cosmos does the same after the channel leaves. Travel and Fox Life.

You already know that if you have Agile TV , from January you will have 3 new channels , although if the platform still does not convince you, you always have alternatives such as Pluto TV, rlaxx or even Tivify, one of the few free platforms that will be paid soon.