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CuteRank – FREE keyword rank checker software that batch checks keyword position automatically

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CuteRank is a FREE keyword rank checker tool (software) designed to batch automatically check keyword positions and track keyword ranking performance on multiple search engines including Google, Yahoo, Bing (MSN), Ask, and AOL. What’s more, this free keyword rank checker allows you to keep your SEO notes and see how your keyword position improves with your SEO effort. You can also generate keyword position report in multiple formats.

This keyword rank checker is completely FREE and SAFE. You can use it as long as you wish. Please click on the following button to download this free keyword rank checker.

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Key Features of Free Keyword Rank Checker:

Check Keyword Positions in an instant

This Keyword Rank Checker is able to check all your keyword positions on multiple search engines (including Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, and AOL) with a single click;

Track keyword ranking performance

This Keyword Rank Tool allows you to track your keyword positions on search engines, see if your keyword rankings have moved up or down, in a vivid graph;

Automatically update keyword ranking on schedule

This Keyword Ranking Checker is able to automatically update keyword ranking information on your scheduled time or on system startup;

View detailed keyword ranking history

This Keyword Ranking Tool not only allows you to track keyword ranking performance in a graph; but also allows you to view detailed keyword ranking history on different search engines.

Export keyword ranking results

You can export your keyword ranking report with this Keyword Rank Checker into multiple formats (including csv for Excel, HTML, and PDF) for your future disposal;

And more…

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User’s Review on Keyword Rank Checker

“I’m crazy about the program, and use it daily. As soon as I build a new site, it gets plugging into the program so I can start collecting data.” – Extra Income Ideas

“Deon Designs has been using CuteRank and we could say that this is one of the best checking website ranking solutions on the market today. Very fast, reliable, easy to use and perfect for export the data.” -Deon Designs

“I installed the software and ran it for the first time a few days ago and I have already noticed how useful this little app can be for monitoring keywords and maintaining your search engine standings. ” -View SEO

“CuteRank is good at what it does, it doesn’t eat into your computers resources while it is running and it pulls back the results that you want quickly.” -FMS SEO

“In time, you will get a better understanding how search engines rank your content and what it takes to get higher in the search engine rankings results.” -Freedom Ideas

“It not just allow you to check your rank on major search engines but also give you a graphical interface which definitely help you on your keyword research.” -Worthy Tips

Tested Spyware Free
Download Free Keyword Rank Checker

Minimum System Requirements

  • PC with 600 MHz or higher processor clock speed recommended; 300 MHz minimum required (single or dual processor system).
  • 512 megabytes (MB) of RAM or higher recommended (256 MB minimum supported; may limit performance).
  • 40 megabytes (MB) of available hard disk space.
  • broadband Internet connection recommended.