7 advantages of iOS over Android

Much is said about the best that Google’s mobile operating system can be, but knowing the advantages of iOS over Android ? The truth is that there are many and it is that Apple has one of the most robust mobile operating systems on the market, in which many of the problems that users may have with devices other than an iPhone are left out.

Performance problems, battery consumption, security, data protection, compatibility … are some of the aspects that can stand out in an iPhone compared to an Android mobile, but many of these elements are hidden under the labels of proprietary software, as well as the savings that can represent the purchase of a cheaper mobile with the Google system.


forget about viruses

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Surely you have heard about the virus problems that exist in Android, malware attacks, phishing, even ransomware and this is due to a reason: open source ; And here the other side of the coin begins to emerge when we talk about operating systems that are not proprietary, because if everyone has a key, the truth is that anyone can enter your house.

It is not true that care is always in the hands of users, sometimes you can be the victim of an attack without knowing it and the operating system must be prepared to defend you from this attack, or also, that they simply do not have a way to enter… as it happens with iOS, which is immune to such attacks.

That is the real reason why you don’t need an antivirus on an iPhone. By not having the possibility to directly install any kind of application, download files that are not compatible and run them on your own, then there is no way for an attack to get in.

Unlike Android, which allows the installation of applications outside the official store and that come from an unknown source, simply by asking the user if they authorize the installation, which can cause truly serious damage to the mobile.

Ecosystem and synchronization

Imagen - 7 ventajas de iOS frente a Android

Whether you like it or hate it, the truth is that Apple has created a whole culture around its devices, an example of this is the way integration works between its platforms, that is, you can go from an iPhone to a Mac to an iPad, being able to access all your files and apps in the same way, so basically you change devices being always the same user.

That integration, at least not in that way, doesn’t happen with Android. Yes, it is true that Google has an extensive list of applications and tools that you can use on your computer and that finally gives you access to many of its services, however you need to download extensions, clients and do a lot of it online , because most of Android users have a Windows computer, little is the use of ChromeOS and that limits you from being able to access all your content with the naturalness that happens within the Apple environment.

Support and update

Imagen - 7 ventajas de iOS frente a Android

If you are looking for a phone with enough support to last you several years , but that also receives all the updates as if it were a new mobile, surely an iPhone can meet your expectations.

Certainly in Android there is the Android One program, to which several phones are linked and which ensures faster and longer updates, but in practice it is not so true. On the other hand, the update on Android depends largely on the manufacturers and their customization layers , since being an open operating system, everyone decorates it to their liking and then sends it to users.

Software development means money and time, so the manufacturers choose which devices will receive the updates, since they cannot tailor-make a suit for the thousands of phones that are on the market, that is something that does not happen with iOS, since an iPhone from three or four years ago can receive the same update as an iPhone 13 that just hit the market.

The closest thing to this that you can find in the Android world are Google Pixel phones, which receive updates first and have a better performance with security patches, because they have a pure version of the operating system and it is the own developer who pushes updates to devices.

Interface and design

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No one can deny that Apple’s iOS design is much cleaner and simpler than Android’s . This feature facilitates the design of applications and leaves fewer details to be neglected, something that does not happen in Android, in fact, there are many design details that become quite messy in the customization interface of manufacturers that do not use pure Android.

Apple’s particular design style has a main advantage and that is that it makes the user interface much more intuitive and will help you not feel that the space of apps and functions or notifications are overloaded and don’t know where to start.

iMessage: vitamin messages for iPhone

Imagen - 7 ventajas de iOS frente a Android

Surely you have heard iMessage messages and it is Apple’s exclusive messaging app, which is certainly not as robust as WhatsApp chats, but it includes many advantages such as different animated stickers, special effects and even sending photos through a exclusive message for another iPhone.

Technical support

Imagen - 7 ventajas de iOS frente a Android

iOS is exclusive to the iPhone and is manufactured by Apple, there is no other device that uses this operating system and for this reason the company deals exclusively with technical support to always offer a solution; even if you go to an Apple Store you will receive support in any problem you have, free and immediately to solve any problem you may have with your phone.

device price

Imagen - 7 ventajas de iOS frente a Android

You will surely believe that we were wrong and the truth is that it is not entirely true. Yes, an iPhone is an expensive, high-end phone, but we’re not going to compare apples to oranges either. A phone at its height could be a Galaxy S21 and the rest of its series, which also has a fairly similar price.

A few years ago, an iPhone had a much higher price than any other device and that was what created the myth of “cheap Android” but that has changed and Apple has matched the rest of the high-end to compete , so far so good , but what is the advantage we are talking about?

Over time, an iPhone will last longer than an Android , because its operating system is kept up to date and its battery has better performance; those two elements are almost always a reason for a change in Android. On average, an iPhone can last you one to two years longer than an Android, that means that for every two Androids you will have only one iPhone.

In projection of expenses, in five years you will have spent three times more on phones if you have an Android, instead of an iPhone. All this without counting that an Android depreciates in value much faster than an iPhone, in case you want to sell it later.

These are the main advantages of iOS over Android and why you should think about migrating to these phones.