5 Simple and highly recommended applications to edit videos with your mobile

Do you have to edit a video from your mobile and you don’t know how? Almost all devices have an editor within the gallery by default, although in most cases it is not too extensive or complete. Today we are going to leave you with 5 of the best applications to edit videos with your mobile . They are simple, free and can be used on any Android smartphone. They are perfect for making Christmas videos, celebration videos, birthday montages or whatever you can think of.

Edit videos on your mobile quickly and easily with these apps

All of these apps are available on Google Play , they’re free, and they’re perfect for editing video. Some are more focused on music, others on effects and others on a somewhat more professional result. The result is usually very good and at no time will you need a computer or outside help.

They are applications to put photos together in a video , put music to a video or cut several parts and make a montage. Each one works a little differently and you will be the one to choose which one is best for you.

  1. VivaVideo – Play Store
  2. KineMaster – Play Store
  3. Picsart Editor – Play Store
  4. PowerDirector – Play Store
  5. Vimeo Create – Play Store

In editors like KineMaster you can include gifs , text, emojis, music and all kinds of effects. With PowerDirector, for example, you will achieve a more professional result as long as you know how to use it correctly.

Our recommendation is that if you want to make a Christmas video , a video greeting or any montage is that you take a look at the applications in the Play Store and let yourself be guided by their different objectives: gather photos, make cuts, include music or professional results .