5 applications with which you can surprise your brother-in-law this Christmas Eve 2021

5 apps para sorprender a tu cuñado en Nochebuena 2021

Do you want to be prepared to surprise your brother-in-law at dinner on Christmas Eve? Well, you do not need to learn magic tricks, or have an anecdote prepared, since there are several apps that will make you look like a genius in front of that family member who is usually a bit “heavy”.

These are the 5 best apps to surprise your brother-in-law on Christmas Eve 2021

Apps para sorprender a tu cunado en Navidad 2021

Before we show you the apps in question, it is important to clarify that they are only available on Android . If you have an iPhone mobile, some of the other could be present in the App Store, although we see it unlikely that this is the case.

Pure Tuber: Show Your Brother-in-Law That Free YouTube Premium Is Possible

Pure Tuber YouTube Premium gratis

Does your brother-in-law still put up with the ads that come out before every video he plays on YouTube? Show him that he is wasting time with this app .

Pure Tuber is the only application available for Android that allows anyone to access YouTube Premium for free , something that could undoubtedly interest your brother-in-law.

Link | Download Pure Tuber

Voilà AI Artist: turn your brother-in-law into a cartoon

Voila AI Artist Android

If you want to have a good time with your brother-in-law, as well as laugh at him, you should show him this application. It allows you to turn any human face into a cartoon .

It should be mentioned that you don’t need to be an expert when it comes to photo editing , as the application automates the process (converts photos of people into cartoons in a matter of seconds).

Link | Download Voilà AI Artist

Moviebase: order the series and movies that your brother-in-law watches

Moviebase para Android

During Christmas Eve dinner, they always talk about the series or movies that the different people who make up the family circle are watching.

If your brother-in-law asks you to recommend a movie or series , we advise you to show him this application directly. It will allow you to know which series or movies you should see according to your tastes.

Link | Download Moviebase

GeoGuessr: find out how much your brother-in-law knows about geography

GeoGuessr para Android

While the point of this note is not to embarrass your brother-in-law, you should show him this app so everyone knows how much you know about geography .

This is a very interesting game that will not only surprise your brother-in-law, it will also show him that having fun using mobile is possible.

Of course, we recommend using a tablet to show the game , because where it is most enjoyed is on mobile devices that have a large screen.

Link | Download GeoGuessr

Spend Bill Gates Money: Ask Your Brother-in-Law to Spend All of This Tech Tycoon’s Money

Spend Bill Gates Money para Android

If your brother-in-law already has a couple of drinks on him, he should encourage you to show him this app. It will allow you to spend all the money that Bill Gates has .

Of course, it might not come to surprise you, because this application has nothing new, although we are more than sure that you will get the occasional laugh.

Link | Download Spend Bill Gates Money

Without anything else to add in this regard, if you need more apps to surprise your brother-in-law this Christmas Eve , here we have 5 more that you should take into account.