3 WhatsApp news that are coming to your mobile and you should know

WhatsApp is making interesting changes to its app for Android and IOS . There are several that are about to land in the stable version and they are very useful. They are related to the interface of the app itself, messages and groups. These changes will come to your device little by little and you should know about them so you know how to use them when they are available. We tell you what they are and what they do!

Surveys in WhatsApp groups are imminent

For years, users have asked WhatsApp for the possibility of doing surveys in groups. These are very useful for putting a group of people in agreement when it comes to choosing a plan, a place to stay or a hotel for the vacation.

The app has finally paid attention and is implementing them. We can already know how they will look in the groups and how to vote . The beta version already includes them and it is a matter of a couple of weeks before they can be used globally.

It is now possible to change the language of WhatsApp from the app

Since WhatsApp is a mobile app, its language has been linked to the language chosen on the device. Now this changes. WhatsApp is including a section to be able to change the language of the app .

You can have one language on the mobile and a different one on the app. It is a function that is already reaching, little by little, all users. Soon you will be able to use it.

New way to add to a group

The latest novelty that WhatsApp is implementing is a new way to add a person to a group. From now on you can go to their profile and you will see a button to add them to a group . In this way it will not be necessary to go to the group and look for its name, it will be much easier and more accessible.

Again, this is a feature that is rolling out in some markets and will be available globally very soon. Do you use WhatsApp ? Did you know these news?