3 WhatsApp news that are coming to your mobile and that you should know

WhatsApp does not stop working on the Android application and launch small news. The WhatsApp news for 2021 are counted by dozens and we can announce that they are not over yet. The company is working on 3 features that will be coming to your WhatsApp soon. What’s more, some are already arriving in the beta version and can be tested. They are quite different functions from each other that offer an increasingly complete messaging application.


Reactions to WhatsApp messages

It is a feature that has been appearing in different betas for some time and now it seems to be almost ready. When it is operational, users will be able to react to other people’s messages with emojis. Yes, exactly how you react on Facebook or Messenger .

The latest news let us know that you can react with up to 6 emojis and that the user who owns the message will be able to see a list of users and emojis that have been used to react. It is an interesting function that could give a different touch to WhatsApp conversations in groups and individual chats.

Skin combinations in couple emojis

Currently couple emojis allow you to choose the general skin tone of the emoji, like those of individual people. Now WhatsApp works on an option so that you can make combinations in the emoji itself. That is, you can select the emoji of a couple with a heart and choose what color each of the people is independently.

It is something interesting and that until now has not been seen in any IOS or Android icon pack. WhatsApp is already implementing this in the beta and it could be available in the coming weeks for all users in the world.

Stickers from other users can be forwarded

If you are in a WhatsApp conversation, you like a sticker and you want to send it to someone else, you must save it. WhatsApp is working on a feature so you can forward it without going through your collection. It is something very simple that adds a forward icon like any other message, but now to the stickers.

It is already being seen in the beta versions and at any time it could appear in the stable version for all users. It is possible that the last two news that we have discussed will be available soon.

If you want to try them as soon as possible, you can become a beta tester and receive WhatsApp news before other users.