WhatsApp not working? How to know if the app is down or if you are the one with the problem

Probably at some point you have experienced that your WhatsApp connection is not working properly . There are several possible reasons why the application is having problems on your device and although they are not usually serious, they can be a real headache. Fortunately, all are fixed relatively quickly. If WhatsApp is down , the … Read more

Mobiles will have to be updated for 5 years in Europe, at least, and provide support in less time

Although prices have increased due to inflation and shortages of some supplies that affect the entire planet, we cannot deny that the mobile market is experiencing one of its best moments for consumers. In Spain, mobile phones and electronic products have a 3-year warranty since last year; in Europe, the EU strongly promotes the standardization … Read more

The Google Play Store for Wear OS gets a major facelift

For just over a year, Google has been stepping on the accelerator with Wear OS , its operating system for smartwatches. The starting point was Wear OS 3, which included many improvements over the previous version. Then other great features were announced for this system: the development of Emergency SOS, the ability to listen to … Read more

Keep an eye on this rugged tablet with a 20,000 mAh battery: the Oukitel RT2

Oukitel, one of the world’s best manufacturers of off-road devices, has been quite active in recent months. They recently launched the Oukitel WP20 Pro rugged mobile with iPhone 13 design, and now they have officially presented their new Oukitel RT2 tablet with military-grade resistance . It is designed for use in factories, warehouses, field work, … Read more