WhatsApp will also allow States to react

Soon, it will also be possible to react to WhatsApp States , a novelty that has not been available until now. It is a functionality in the testing phase, so it should still take several months until it is widely available to all users who use the app. It seems that the reactions will be … Read more

How to put a personalized tone to a Telegram chat

After hundreds of thousands of complaints from users, Telegram has finally complied. Thanks to the latest update received by the messaging app for Android and iOS, now anyone can set a personalized tone to groups and private conversations on Telegram. If you are interested in knowing how to carry out this procedure, we recommend that … Read more

YouTube Like Button Not Appearing

Just as YouTube has removed the Dislike counter from videos on the platform, it has now removed the Like button , but what has led the platform to do so? And now what will YouTube be like without the Like button? Well, the first thing you need to do is stay calm, because here we … Read more

5 reasons why Netflix is losing subscribers

What are the reasons why so many people have unsubscribed from Netflix? This is a question that you are surely asking yourself. And it is not for less, since it was revealed that Netflix loses subscribers and will launch a cheap subscription plan. Specifically, the service lost 200 thousand users in the first quarter of … Read more

How to use your mobile as a webcam

It is possible to use your mobile as a webcam. The truth is that we do not always have a camera as an accessory on the computer, or perhaps we are using a PC that was given to us at the time and we need to enter an online meeting. It may also be that … Read more