Russia is creating its own app store

History repeats itself! Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has unleashed a barrage of sanctions that have affected Russia in many ways. And, as you can imagine, these sanctions have also dealt a heavy blow to the technology sector , something very similar to what happened with Google and Huawei services. Google has blocked its payment system … Read more

5 apps to get the most out of the Galaxy S22 camera

Since its launch, the new generation of high-end smartphones from Samsung surprised everyone with the powerful configuration of sensors that make up the camera module . The Galaxy S22, S22 Plus and S22 Ultra arrived with a large number of new features, but as always, the photographic section is the one that has stolen all … Read more

How to get free cryptocurrencies

Getting free cryptocurrencies has become one of the main deceptions on the web, it has also been the gateway to many cyberattacks, but there is a great truth behind it and that is that they can be obtained; the secret: faucet pages, most of them are legitimate and if you spend enough time you can … Read more