WhatsApp adds the new emojis we expected

They are almost here, a recent version of WhatsApp for Android is adding the new emojis that were yet to come and that we have known for a few weeks, although the bad news is that they are not yet available to almost anyone who uses this app on Android. And that’s because the new … Read more

How to remove unsupported Windows 11 watermark

If you recently upgraded your PC, you may want to remove the unsupported Windows 11 watermark in case your computer doesn’t meet Microsoft’s requirements to run their new version of the operating system. Although the objective of this mark is to make you aware that the computer can go wrong by running the version, the … Read more

How to install an APK on Windows 11

With Windows 11 you can download mobile applications, although if you want to install APKs, the procedure is a bit more complicated. Now, despite the fact that it has been known for some time that Windows 11 will allow you to install APKs of Android apps, you cannot download any app, so installing an APK … Read more