7 smartphones cheaper than the iPhone SE 3

The myth of iPhone SE as Apple’s “cheap” mobile is not such, if you don’t believe it, just look at this list of smartphones cheaper than the iPhone SE 3 that you can buy right now. Devices with powerful processors, good batteries, bigger screens and better cameras, for less than what you’d pay for the … Read more

Elon Musk wants to create a social network

The richest man in the world , and considered by many as “the owner of the space”, Elon Musk, has expressed from his Twitter account that he is tired of using this platform . Given this situation, he started a kind of debate within the social network where he asks all his followers if Twitter … Read more

Xiaomi on the ropes: caught slowing down games

After the Samsung scandal with the slowdown of certain apps and games comes a similar controversy with Xiaomi. After the discussion in networks on the subject of Samsung, the co-founder of Geekbench has accused Xiaomi of carrying out a similar practice . We tell you what it is about, if your Xiaomi is within this … Read more

How to see installed apps in Chrome easily

Chrome is a great browser and has thousands of extensions and applications that we can install within the browser itself. Through the address “Chrome://apps” you can see the installed apps you have in Chrome and be able to access them whenever you want. Surely more than once you have seen the series of Google apps … Read more

WhatsApp already supports iOS 15 officially

Now WhatsApp already offers support for iOS 15 since it was not like that until now and this comes after the new version of iOS has been official for a few months, although the truth is that WhatsApp already worked without problems on mobile phones with this version. In any case, the version of WhatsApp … Read more

Product Tagging on Instagram Reaches All US Users

Instagram users in the US will finally start receiving product tagging , a feature that was only available to a small group of people, but the feature is expanding and will be available to everyone to tag products. Until now, only Instagram creators could tag products in photos, but that will change from now on … Read more