Pluto TV adds new channels for Spanish speakers

Not everything free is bad and proof of this is that Pluto TV adds new channels for Spanish speakers , even if you don’t have to pay anything for its content. Yes, it is true that in exchange for seeing their channels or streaming content you must see some advertising; but, it’s not much more … Read more

Peacock, the free Netflix

Despite the fact that applications to watch series and movies for free are quite interesting, more and more apps of this type are coming out. In fact, Peacock is one of the most popular free Netflix recently . Either way, Peacock also has some features that you should know about. This is an app with … Read more

Google Play Store is updated: these are the news

Google Play Store has received an update with important improvements . Next, we’ll tell you what’s new in the Google apps and games store that all Android smartphones have. Google Play Store is the default store where all Android users search for their apps and games. The new version of the Play Store brings improvements … Read more