10 Christmas Movies You Can Watch On HBO Max, Highly Recommended!

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Who doesn’t like to see a good Christmas movie this time of year? These types of movies have the power to inject you with that necessary dose of festive cheer to put you in tune with Christmas . Now with streaming services it is very easy to find the perfect Christmas movie to watch, since you don’t have to wait for it to be shown on TV and there is an abundant catalog to choose from.

If you don’t want to waste your time searching and searching through the eternal catalogs of streaming platforms, don’t worry. Here we have put together a list of 10 perfect movies to watch at Christmas that are available on HBO Max . This service recently arrived in Spain, but just in time for these holidays. Are you ready? Let’s go there…

The 10 best Christmas movies on HBO Max

For the selection, we have made a mix of classics with novelties in case you feel nostalgic or if you want to see something new and interesting. There is no way you can’t find a movie that you like! Without further ado, let’s see the most recommended HBO Max Christmas movies.

Christmas in 8 Bits (2021)

It is the bombshell that HBO Max has launched exclusively for Christmas. It is a comedy set in Chicago in the 80s where we accompany a 10-year-old boy who will do whatever it takes to get the latest Nintendo console for Christmas . He and his friends will come up with a strategy to be able to play with the 8-bit game console. Will the play go well? If you are a gamer, especially if you lived through that time, watch it because you will like it.

See Christmas in 8 bits | Lasts 97 minutes

The Grinch (2000)

An absolute Christmas classic! It is available on HBO Max (also on Netflix and Prime Video) and is ideal to watch on these dates. If you are one of the 1% of the world’s population that has not yet seen The Grinch, we will tell you that it is a movie based on the homonymous children’s story by Dr. Seuss . It tells us the story of the Grinch, a bitter ogre who hates Christmas and who one day decides to ruin it for the misfortune of the people Who Villa.

But don’t worry, it’s not a sad story. In fact, in the end there is a very good moral for children. In addition, it has an audiovisual and humorous display by the great Jim Carrey that everyone will enjoy . It is a very funny and entertaining movie to see that we do not understand why the critics discredited it at the time.

See The Grinch | Lasts 105 minutes

Christmas forever and ever (2019)

If you want to see something lighter, this is for you. Christmas Forever and Forever is one of those typical movies that are made for television on a low budget, but with an entertaining story that flows well and is seen. It tells the story of a successful executive who returns to her hometown to sell her grandfather’s Christmas store , which she has just inherited, although she later realizes the emotional value of the place. Will you sell it despite this?

See Christmas forever and ever | Lasts 87 minutes

Day of the Beast (1995)

Day of the Beast is a horror comedy that is considered by many to be a cult film. Its story centers on a Basque priest who deciphered an alarming secret message: the Antichrist will be born on December 25, 1995 in Madrid , where a wave of vandalism has happened by chance. From there, the movie goes very crazy with the priest trying to find the birthplace of the evil being.

See The day of the beast | Lasts 103 minutes

The Nutcracker (2015)

This animated film based on a short story by ETA Hoffmann and made in Peru, is perfect to watch at Christmas. It is a fantastic story where we witness the conflict between two brothers, Marie and Fritz, who must share the only Christmas gift they received: a nutcracker. But the real central problem of the story is that this toy has life and apparently must fight a battle against the Mouse King .

See The Nutcracker | Lasts 76 minutes

Santa’s Brother (2007)

Have you ever wondered if Santa has siblings? Be that as it may, the movie “Santa’s brother” will answer this existential question. To the surprise of many, Santa’s brother is named Fred Claus and he is the complete opposite of him . He is resentful and bitter, which is because he always lived in the shadow of his brother’s success. The fact is that in this movie Fred will work for Santa, but since he is not good as an elf, he could ruin Christmas.

See Santa’s brother | Lasts 116 minutes

Gremlins (1984)

Another great classic! Gremlins is one of those horror movies that you must have already seen. Didn’t you know her? It is about a father who gives his son at Christmas a little creature called Mogwai , which must be cared for following specific rules. The creature is cute and charming, but if the rules are broken, things can get out of hand. What happens next we suppose you can already imagine.

See Gremlins | Lasts 111 minutes

A Crazy Christmas (2018)

A crazy Christmas is another movie that is easy to watch and perfect to enjoy as a family or as a couple, as it is a romantic comedy. It tells the story of a confectioner who is not very excited about Christmas , since she recently broke up with her boyfriend. Fortunately, she soon meets a handsome soldier who appears in her living room, as if it were a Christmas miracle, along with a magical secret to cheer her up.

See A crazy Christmas | Lasts 85 minutes

Placido (1961)

We are going back to the time when movies were made in black and white out of necessity and not by choice. Plácido, in this case, is a timeless classic of Spanish cinema that does not suffer from the image quality of those times.

This movie takes place in a small provincial town where some idle bourgeois organize the event “Feel a poor man at your table” to celebrate Christmas . The result is a brutal social critique and ideal to reflect on these parties.

See Placido | Lasts 83 minutes

Dear Christmas (2020)

Another nice movie to watch this Christmas is Dear Christmas with Melissa Joan Hart and Jason Priestley in the starring roles. She plays a podcast girl and he plays a local firefighter . Through things in life, these two people meet and end up starring in an entertaining Christmas romance.

Watch Dear Christmas | Lasts 87 minutes

That’s it! If you want to recommend another one that is not on this list , you are free to do so. Ah! And if you are just looking for something interesting to watch on TV, without necessarily being Christmas-themed, check out this article with the 7 best HBO Max series in Spain.