10 apps you need to install this Christmas

The holidays are here, so you cannot miss this list with the best apps that you need to install this Christmas on your mobile and have fun at home, with family, with friends and with your partner; be it taking photos, playing a bit and also preparing fun congratulations, even trying some recipes typical of the time and with the best indications so that you look like a chef.

In our list we have incorporated alternatives for mobile phones of young and old , with many fun activities typical of Christmas, New Year and also to celebrate Kings, but the best thing about it is that most of them are free or have a version for which they do not you must pay, so prepare your phone and install as you walk through our count.

Portable North Pole

We start this list with an application that you will surely like, but also the little ones at home and that is Pole Norte Portáti l. It is one of the most popular applications for mobile phones this season on both Android and iOS, with it you can download videos with Santa greetings, video calls for the little ones and the most interesting thing are all the customization features that are available for them to children can enjoy Christmas in a different way.

One of the advantages of the Portable North Pole is that it not only stays in the greeting and calls of Santa, but also includes several additional functions, games and many activities that you can have fun with during the holidays.

The free account offers you the opportunity to enter personalized greetings and some activities, but if you want to have all the content you must make an account with an annual pass.

  1. Download Portable North Pole for Android


  1. Download Portable North Pole for iOS


Elf Cam

We continue to see alternatives that the little ones may like and in this case it is an app called Elf Cam . This application will allow your little ones to play with mischievous elves throughout the house and that is thanks to Augmented Reality technology, which will allow these popular characters to go throughout the house and hide in the most curious places.

In the app you can customize the appearance of the elves, make adjustments to the gesture control and modify the animations when they reach specific places. This application has a free version, although the paid version is the one that will allow you to save and share the videos you make with the Christmas characters.

  1. Download Elf Cam for iOS


  1. Download Elf Cam for Android


Christmas – Puzzle Games

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Now we are going with a game that will surely amuse you a lot and not just your children or nephews. It is a fun puzzle that includes sounds and a lot of interaction , the images used are allusive to Christmas as you can imagine.

You can also color them and create a perfect combination of family entertainment for hours on a festive rest day, but best of all, it is a completely free application, so you will not have to pay anything to have all the functions available.

  1. Download Christmas – Puzzle Games for Android


Christmas camera

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If you like photos and you like to have fun then this application is for you . It is a Christmas camera in which you can create compositions with frames of characters of the season, you can also add elements and designs that are very easy to use, incorporate accessories and it is also integrated with social networks so that you can share the funny photos directly .

The application is quite easy to use and you can use the built-in camera or use an image that you have already taken before so that the little ones can have fun, but the older ones too. This app is free, so you won’t have to pay to use all the features.

  1. Download Christmas camera for Android


Dance yourself

If you like to share fun and different content on your social networks then you should try Dance Yourself, a fun app with which you can create Christmas dances with characters that wear your face, so you can have a personalized clip in which you dance to the rhythm of the music and you celebrate for the arrival of the holidays.

This application has some alternatives that are free and others that are paid, so it only remains for you to have fun creating the content according to what you want to do to surprise and amuse family and friends.

  1. Download Dance Yourself for Android


Your Christmas Face

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If you want to have a custom character to place on your profiles then you can try Your Christmas Face. With this fun application you can create personalized avatars with up to 50 different songs and using any of the 10 scenarios available for the Christmas holidays.

This is a free application , so you only need to download it and start enjoying all the content.

  1. Download Your Christmas Face for Android


Create Christmas Cards

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If you are one of those who like to create personalized cards for the holidays and especially for the New Year, then you can create beautiful personalized Christmas cards, in which you can incorporate elements, stickers, texts, images and many more features.

The advantage of this application is that it is completely free and you can add all the elements and incorporate hundreds of features in your congratulations without having to pay for it.

  1. Download Create Christmas Cards for Android


Christmas Stickers for Whatsapp

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When you send your messages by WhatsApp you surely want to be very original and show your Christmas spirit, that is why with the Christmas Stickers for WhatsApp app you can have a large pack of Christmas stickers with a lot of variety so that you can enjoy and share very funny messages for everyone while you talk or send your congratulations.

This is another application for which you will not have to pay anything.

  1. Download Christmas Stickers for WhatsApp for Android


Free Christmas Wallpapers

If you are one of those who enjoys customizing your mobile according to the moment and especially during Christmas, then you are going to enjoy the free Christmas Wallpapers a lot, because you can place all the backgrounds you want on the main screen in a very easy and intuitive way.

You will be able to enjoy more than 100 different Christmas backgrounds that you can choose from without any inconvenience and it will be enough to download them so that you can use them.

  1. Download free Christmas Wallpapers for Android


Homemade food recipes

Now we go to the last of the applications on this list and it is an app to follow recipes , which although it is not a Christmas app properly, the truth is that at this time of year one of the things that brings us together is family food And that’s why you can try different options for the holidays with Free Cooking Recipes.

In this digital recipe book directly on your mobile you can find different alternatives for dinner, as well as different desserts to choose from and even some vegetarian options that will allow you to offer a different option for each diner in your home, regardless of their tastes, but above all there are the options of recipes typical of Christmas.

As the name indicates, it is a free application when downloading , although you can find some integrated purchases within it.

  1. Download free cooking recipes for Android