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View Keyword Ranking History

View keyword ranking history is more easy with CuteRank 2.0 now. In old versions, say CuteRank 1.5, it allows us to view history ranking data in the line chart, but it is not convenient enough to view an exact history ranking on a specific day, as we have to export the ranking data and find out it’s history ranking. CuteRank provides us a solution with the “History” function. You don’t need to export the ranking data to view exact history ranking anymore.

You only need to click “History” button from the toolbar then you will be lead to the key history. There are also three parts in this interface, the profile list (keyword list), a line chart on the right top to show how your ranking fluctuated in the past, on the right bottom is the history ranking list where we can find detailed ranking information on a specific day. You can switch between search engines use the search engine filter on the left bottom, or you can simply select “All” search engines.

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