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With increasing popularity of online marketing, companies today strive to get higher search engine ranking for their web page or web site to get noticed by more number of visitors. The primary way to achieve this goal is through SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is a process of optimizing a website or web page to increase its visibility in search engines like Google or Yahoo, therefore to increase visitor’s traffic. SEO basically aims at improving web page’s search engine ranking, so that when someone enters a relevant key word search pertaining to what product or service your company offers, your website appears in first few pages of the search engine result.

Most common SEO mistakes to avoid:

Not pay enough attention to SEO guidelines –These are offered free and full of detailed information regarding SEO. If you fail to follow the ground rules provided by search engines then no matter how much of effort you put in optimizing the website, all your work would go in vein.

How to avoid this SEO mistake:
– Read the entire guideline thoroughly
– Make sure you follow the tips and rules to make your website approved by the search engine.

Using inappropriate keywords –One important thing to remember is keyword is actually a term that captures essence of the textual content. But it often happens that, people tend to use keyword which they think can describe their website but in reality average users don’t search for them.

How to avoid this SEO mistake:
– Know your target user’s profile
– Identify the range of possible customer inquiries relevant to your product
– Observe competitor website contents
– Ask the staffs work in customer service and sales section for phrases most used by the customers

Poor content quality – Content is the key. Lower quality of content can put your website in the back burner of search engine ranking.

How to avoid this SEO mistake:
– Be cautious about grammatical error, spelling mistakes, lacking in use of correct keywords
– Make sure to update your webpage at regular intervals by including necessary changes in content and format
– Don’t cram information in the webpage. Make it interesting and easy to understand by the reader

Overuse of flash or JavaScript – It should be remembered while making a webpage, that search engine can’t read Flash or Java. But if you can’t avoid using them in your content then you should be careful about few things.

How to avoid this SEO mistake:
– If you have to use flash then make sure to provide an html version
– If you have to use JavaScript for navigation then build a sitemap to make your links crawl able.

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