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We are pleased to announce the release of CuteRank 3.5.0. Installers for Both Windows and Mac are now ready for download. For the latest Windows version please click here, for the latest Mac version please click here.

Following improvements and changes have been made in CuteRank 3.5.0:


  • Remove keywords by rank range (Keyword -> Remove Keywords by Rank Range)
  • Customize graph report page size (MAC)
  • add ( , , support
  • Get all results temporarily for a keyword (Tools -> Temp Results)
  • Sort keywords by settings in report (Pro user)
  • Generate report for groups
  • Basic HTML template report(Pro user)
  • Add more data in Basic PDF report(Pro user)


  • Proxy mode updating algorithm (Only check the profiles which assigned with proxies)


  • Report bug when using different engine settings for group
  • Duplicated keywords in report
  • Competitor rank shows on wrong columns
  • Cannot get results for “HTTPS” URL
  • Cannot get results on

Feel free to leave all your comments or suggestions.

CuteRank Team

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