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We are pleased to announce the release of CuteRank 3.4.0. Installers for Both Windows and Mac are now ready for download. For the latest Windows version please click here, for the latest Mac version please click here.

Following improvements and changes have been made in CuteRank 3.4.0:


  • Customize days ago value for dif column in Basic report
  • Set search engines for all profiles at once
  • “Best” column in profile summary table
  • An option to sort keywords by created time
  • Possible to add competitor’s url for profile (pro feature)
  • Possible to set different SE selection for each group (pro feature)
  • Get feature status
  • Ability to set rank depth in Graph report
  • SE support


  • Dif calculation method changed (‘X’ means the previous rank is “Not in 100″ or “Update Failed”)


  • Inaccurate results for a few keywords
  • Column width does not fit in Quick Report
  • Encoding error in CSV report (MAC)
  • Encoding error in HTML report

Feel free to leave all your comments or suggestions.

CuteRank Team

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