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We are pleased to announce the release of CuteRank 2.3.0. Installer for Windows is now ready for download.

Both Free and Commercial (Standard Edition and Professional Edition) users can directly built-in auto updater to automatically update CuteRank to the latest version (Help-> Check Updates).

In version 2.3.0 we added a great idea called “Note” function. You can write a note for a certain node in the ranking chart describing what SEO techniques have been applied on that day for that keyword, like optimized title or optimized meta description etc. This will record what you have done for SEO and review it’s effect afterwards. Have a look at the following screenshot you’ll see what exactly I’m meaning.

Add Note for Node in Ranking Chart

More improvements are left for you to discover or you can view the full release note of CuteRank 2.3.0

All comments or suggestions are welcomed : )

CuteRank Team

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