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Check Caffeine Rankings

Check Google Caffeine Rankings for multiple keywords is easy with CuteRank Website Ranking Checker. Caffeine is the second generation also a new architecture of Google search engine. You can forecast your website rankings on Caffeine, and compare with Google rankings with CuteRank. Let’s take a look how we can check Caffeine Rankings with CuteRank step by step.

Select Caffeine Search Engine when Creating a New Profile

When you creating a profile (site and keywords you want to check), if you want to check your keyword rankings on Caffeine search engine, you need to select it from the search engine list.

After you have finished your profile settings, click “OK” to create a profile and start checking your Caffeine rankings and rankings on other major search engines.

Add Caffeine Search Engine for the Existing Profile

If you have not selected Caffeine for the existing profile you’ll have to add Caffeine search enigne in order to check your Caffine rankings. Adding Caffeine search engine only takes seconds:

  1. Right click on the profile on which you want to add Caffine search engines;
  2. Click “Set Search Engine” from the dropdown menu;
  3. Select “Caffeine” from the dialogue box and click “OK”

Selecte Caffeine Search Engine

Now Caffeine search engine has been added for the selected profile, you can start updating your keyword rankings for the profile on Caffeine right away.

Update 11/10/2009 Check Caffeine Ranking is no longer available, reason explained.

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