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In CuteRank 2.3.1 we added a cute feature called “Note” which enables you to create a note describing what what you have done for SEO for that keyword and allows you to review its effect on your keyword rankings afterwards.

First let’s take a look what a note is:

Node for Node Screenshot 1

Then you get my idea, besides rank and date, there is the note, you can write anything about it.

All you need to do is to right-click on a single node on the ranking chart then you will see an “Add Note” notice, click on the notice you’ll be able to edit the note.

Note for Node Screenshot 2

Add note for node

After you have entered your note, click “Add” to add the note for the node. Node with a note and node without a note will be different in display. Those nodes with notes will be displayed as square nodes, and those nodes without notes will be displayed as round nodes. So you can easily distinguish nodes with notes with the nodes without notes then review your SEO efforts.

Hope you like the “Node” feature, you are welcomed to provide any suggestions under!


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