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Batch check keyword rankings on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Freeware, Download Now!

If you are managing a long keyword list, and managing it in a text file, it will be very convenient for you to add these keywords in CuteRank, with the “Import Keywords” function. It’s simple, let’s take a look.

Click on the “New” button on the toolbar and select “add new keywords” Then you will enter the Keyword Wizard

Keyword Wizard

Select “Import keywords from file” and click “Next”

Import Keywords from Text File Screenshot 1

Click “Import” and then select the keyword text file nad click “OK” you can see all the keywords from the text file has been imported

Import Keywords from Text File Screenshort 2

Then click “Next”

Import Keywords from Text File Screenshot 3

You see, all the duplicate keywords will be removed from the list and only the different ones remains. Click “OK” the whole process is done.

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